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About Us

We are visionary innovators on a mission to transform how people build software for Salesforce.

We help Salesforce partners adopt the Product Delivery Model so they can develop, test, ship, sell, configure, and support their software with greater efficiency, quality, and scalability.



Leadership Team

MuseLab was founded by Jason Lantz who brings over a decade of experience in high-scale Salesforce ISV DevOps leadership at and Salesforce.

MuseLab continues the vision and leadership that created the open source tools CumulusCI, MetaDeploy, and Metecho to bring composable, source control driven development to the entire Salesforce ecosystem.

Our deep history and relationships in the CumulusCI community allow us to pull in the best talent from the ecosystem for our client engagements.


Jason Lantz


Persistent UAT Org

This Is Our Why

Software powers the world. Businesses that use great software delight their customers and generate returns for their stakeholders. Social impact organizations that use great software build a more just, secure, healthy, sustainable, and prosperous world.

Great software transforms organizations and their sense of what they can achieve and helps them deliver meaningful impact for their stakeholders and society.

Platforms like Salesforce offer tremendous value to people building software products for organizations. But delivering successful products at scale on the Salesforce platform requires the right tools and practices.

When people who build software on Salesforce have great tools and practices, they ship faster and more efficiently, deliver higher quality, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver scalably. Their customers are more successful, and in turn, those organizations improve the state of the world.

We know this is true because this is what our founding team did for 10 years at, as we built and shipped game-changing Salesforce products to tens of thousands of social impact organizations worldwide.

MuseLab is here to accelerate this transformation for everyone.

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