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GitHub for Salesforce DevOps

Going beyond simple branching, pull requests, and actions scripts, we'll explore the more advanced features of GitHub for building a comprehensive Development-to-Delivery Experience (D2X) for Salesforce development. Discover how features like Repository Properties, Repository Rulesets, Branch Protection Rules, Environments, Deployments, Codespaces, more provide the fundamentals to automate, scale, and secure the DevOps lifecycle.


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Salesforce ISV DevOps

MuseLab Founder and CEO Jason Lantz presents a two-part webinar series on Salesforce ISV DevOps. The first part focused on concepts and theory of DevOps specific to ISV-style development on Salesforce introducing the common challenge of the DX Silo Effect and the Product Delivery Model as the solution. The second focused on tooling and process covering CumulusCI and D2X to build a repeatable, scalable, and efficient process around modules in a composable architecture.

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