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Well-Architected DevOps with D2X

We've got a guest post up at Vernon Keenan's Salesforce Devops blog. In it, we look at Salesforce's Well-Architected Framework, its recommendations for DevOps practices, and how MuseLab D2X helps you easily launch projects with these practices baked in.

Here's the intro:

Salesforce’s Well-Architected Framework is a great guide to building better solutions, but there’s a big gap between the high-level theory and the low-level tooling Salesforce provides to implement the theory. This leaves Salesforce customers and partners frustrated and confused. MuseLab’s new open-source D2X framework was built to make it easy to build Well-Architected DevOps using the full capabilities of GitHub. Our new free web application, D2X Launchpad, lets anyone create a new Salesforce project on GitHub fully configured for D2X in seconds.

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Jason Lantz

Jason is the founder and CEO of MuseLab and the creator of CumulusCI and Cumulus Suite.


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